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Artistic&Co Dr.Arrivo Zeus II (Athena Rose) Gift Set with Serum


Artistic&Co Dr.Arrivo Zeus II (Athena Rose) Gift Set with Serum

ARTISTIC & CO.’S infinite pursuit of beauty, introduces the new Zeus multifunctional phototherapy beauty device. The Zeus is derived from large-scale beauty devices and is now at a smaller volume to accommodate greater beauty efficacy on the go. Many doctors and beauticians will tell you that you feel different after a single use. This high-tech and multi-purpose beauty machine can be used from the face/neck to the whole body.

Voltage requirements: Global voltage

Output frequency: 90kHz

Power consumption: 12W

LED wavelength: Blue light 415nm (± 10nm)
Green light 530nm (± 10nm)
Red light 620nm (± 10nm)

device appearance: 186mmX51mmX50mm

device weight: About 150g

Treatment time:: 10 minutes

Country of origin: Japan



Intermediate frequency intermittent electric pulse
Highly simulated beautician shiatsu massage
1) The new SPA-class physical sense

2) 4 technologies of 1-bond polymerization

Intermittent electric current release, highly Bringing together 4 powerful scientific and

simulated shiatsu massage, refreshing the depth technological powers into one point, it bursts out

of beauty liquid introduction. when it touches the skin, and it is bright and new.

2 UP

Ultra-pulse electroporation

Simultaneous release of pulse, EMS – medium and high frequency waves
Instantly open the gaps between cells with electricity and introduce macromolecular essences such as; collagen and hyaluronic acid into the deep layer of the skin